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2018-05-18 digital edition
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Letters to the Editor

Support for Israel should not trump hate speech

Dear Editor,

Where is the outrage from the organized Jewish community in the United States over the selection of two of the most virulent “Jew haters” in our country, the Reverends Robert Jeffress and John Hagee, to give the opening prayer and final benediction at the dedication of our Embassy in Jerusalem

They have said that Jews are going to hell; Hitler was a hunter from God to get the Jews to Israel; Mormons and Islam are heresies; Catholics were led astray by the devil; and 70 percent of gay people have AIDS.

Why have our organizations remained silent? Have we sold our soul to the Evangelical Christian community in exchange for a few political coins to get their support for Israel? Do we care that the only reason for that support is the hope that the Messiah will come and that all Jews will become Christians?

Has Israel become the “New Golden Calf”? Do we worship Israel rather than God?

Evangelicals are just the latest group that would seek the destruction of Judaism. Embracing their support for political reasons is wrong.

The only outrage I have seen is in the American and Israeli press. They have called out the president for his selection of these virulent anti-Semites. Where are we?

Carl L. Zielonka, Tampa

Volunteer for Israel feels pride

Dear Editor,

In February, I went to Israel to do volunteer work for the 10th time. I was with a group of 30 people who came from the United States, Canada, Australia, Hungary, England, and France. I was doing nonmilitary, non-combat, non-political, non-religious volunteer work. I was emptying expired medical supplies, replacing them with new updated medical supplies, including vital signs medical gear, and first aid kits. It required paying attention to details, and affirming the new equipment is assembled according to instructions before going for inspection. Human lives relied on this equipment. The program authorities notified the group about 40 percent of the work is done by volunteers. I felt that I was where the action is and that my work was important. The group had three wonderful leaders. The leaders were women who came alone to serve Israel: a deed of courage.

The group had mature adults who were giving their best and showed how how difficulties can be overcome with a purpose in life. The group had soldiers who served from all branches of the United States military in past wars. Some of these volunteers also had children now serving in the military, making vital sacrifices for the great country we are privileged to live in – the United States of America. It is important to remember these heroes and their sacrifices.

This instilled pride in me that the United States of America is supporting Israel. I am looking forward to going again in the near future to do volunteer work in Israel with the Volunteers for Israel Program. Contact 866 514-1948 (Toll Free), or email address:

Ruth H. Gileadi, Palm Harbor

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