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2018-02-23 digital edition
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Jewish Press plays crucial role in creating community

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

With all the depressing conversation in our Jewish community, generated primarily by the results of the recent study that our community commissioned, I think it is essential that we also focus on some of the positive aspects of living in this Jewish community. One of those aspects is that each us benefits from a wonderful resource, our Jewish Press. The Pinellas County and Tampa editions of the Jewish Press both play a significant positive role in creating community among the Jewish people who live in the Tampa Bay region. They do this despite the fact that we are Jews of diverse backgrounds, that we live not in one neighborhood, but are scattered throughout the region, and in many cases, have resided here for just a short while.

Our Jewish Press creates community through its conscientious and sensitive coverage of regional and local news that is of interest especially to the Jewish community. During my 31 years as a rabbi in this community, I have been amazed time and time again, by the outstanding work of our Jewish Press.

Most recently, staff member Bob Fryer’s coverage of the tragedy that befell Drs. Leslie and Mitchell Weiss and their children Hannah and Ari, as well as Bruce Lowitt’s coverage of the current opioid addiction crisis have touched me deeply. Regarding the Fryer piece, Bibby Weiss, the mother of Mitchell Weiss, of blessed memory, told me that our Jewish Press coverage of the tragedy that befell her family, brought her comfort. What an achievement for a newspaper story!

While I mentioned these two recent articles, I also want to make it clear that other pieces over the years that have been done by Lowitt, Fryer, Jim and Karen Dawkins and other members of the staff of our Jewish Press have also been outstanding. I believe that the work of our Jewish Press has a played a significant role in my efforts and in the efforts of my colleagues and the efforts of the lay-leaders of our respective congregations to nurture the development of a caring Jewish community whose members exhibit a commitment to utilizing the tools that Judaism provides for improving their own lives and for creating a more just and compassionate world. I am confident that members of our community will also use our Jewish Press in the future in our efforts to create a less violent society through our advocacy on behalf of sensible gun control legislation.

While I wish we had a Jewish day school and Jewish Community Center in Pinellas County, I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful newspaper for our Jewish community.

Gary Klein
Palm Harbor

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