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Jewish Celebrity Roundup

Robert DeNiro Robert DeNiro Seth Rogen won’t do your bar mitzvah

Canadian actor Seth Rogen sat down recently with the South African Times and shared some personal facts about himself and what he has learned over the years.

Rogen reveals that he is a pretty dramatic person who doesn’t handle stress well. He also is pretty lazy and not a big fan of social networking. Sounds like a great person to be around. He also talks about losing weight for his Green Hornet role (he had to lose 30 pounds) and how he would never lie to a girl for sex (he better not, he’s married).

And most important, if you were hoping he could be persuaded to perform for your son or daughter’s coming-of-age festivities, forget about it. “I now only do things that are creatively interesting and worthwhile and feel natural. I’d rather be poor and happy,” he said. “I won’t do jokes for bar mitzvahs anymore!”

Bernie Madoff Bernie Madoff Silverman and Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman and her sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman appeared together at Boston University to chat about, what else, BU’s Judaic studies program. Michael Zank, the director of The Other Within Program, which sponsored the talk, explained that in order to attract students, “he was faced with three options: having a lecture on Israeli-Palestine [sic], bringing in a Jewish comedian or offering free food. The department opted for comedy.”

The sisters talked about the obstacles of growing up Jewish in a small New Hampshire town. “I felt like a goat in a sea of dogs,” Sarah joked of her life before leaving New Hampshire. “But I moved to New York and there were other goats.”

Germany, the final frontier

German fans of the original “Star Trek” will boldly go where no German has gone before when a classic Nazi-themed episode that’s been banned in Germany for 44 years plays on television for the first time. The episode, titled “Patterns of Force,” features Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock (played by Jewish actors William Shatner, now a self-parody, and Leonard Nimoy, a respected photographer and artist) descending to the planet Ekos to investigate why a Nazi government has arisen on an alien planet. This involves both actors dressing in Nazi uniforms in an effort to prevent impending genocide, and Vulcan Spock being “outed” as an inferior race.

Eisenberg-Allen legal tussle

Are Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Allen a match made in Jewish acting and writing heaven? Well, not always.

Apparently Eisenberg, who is starring in Allen’s new movie, “Nero Fiddled (formerly “The Decameron”), wrote a play several years ago about Allen’s name change. The famed actor, writer and director had been born with the infinitely more Jewish-sounding name of Allen Stewart Konigsberg.

Eisenberg gave it to his acting agent, who then managed to get it to Allen’s lawyer. And that’s where it remained because Allen’s lawyer hit Eisenberg with a cease-and-desist letter, which means the world will never get to see the dramatization of Allen’s name change.

Anyway, the young Eisenberg wasn’t deterred by this setback. ”I was so thrilled to have any kind of communication because up until that point I had nothing,” he told David Letterman.

DeNiro doing Madoff

Vito Corleone, Al Capone and now Bernie Madoff. The rogue’s gallery of villains and crooks that Robert DeNiro has played in his career just got a very fresh (and still painful to some) addition.

DeNiro is set to star in an HBO production that will tell the story of Bernie Madoff and his multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme. DeNiro also will serve as the project’s executive producer. The movie is based partially on The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust, a book by Diana Henriques.

Bernie Madoff was arrested nearly three years ago and pleaded guilty to cheating thousands of investors of billions of dollars. He is serving a 150-year prison sentence.

The film is in its very early stages and has yet to be officially green-lighted

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